Why Choose Us

No minimum contract

If our customers are happy we believe they will stay with us. They will be happy if we provide a reliable and quality service. It provides us with the incentive to ensure a top quality service all the time not just when the contract is due to be renewed. It also allows us flexibility with additions to contract or as has been the case with Corona virus to take a pause while businesses have been closed. You the customer are in control and we believe this will be rewarded by loyalty and a reasonable approach should you decide to change contractors at a future date.


As well as the flexibility in contract terms we can also provide a service that can be increased or decreased with no notice. Debate and personal preference means some people prefer to have their bins serviced on site thus reducing the risk of cross contamination from bins being transferred and also provides a discreet service. Other customers prefer a new bin to be brought on site. It’s your choice. Refurbishing or renovating – we can pause the contract. Invoice monthly, quarterly or annually – your choices.

Good communication

There are times when we are driving or unavailable but we are usually quick to respond to any communication. E-mail, WhatsApp or a good old fashioned phone call. Service issues are taken seriously and we will endeavour to fix any issues that arise. We also try to be as honest as possible. It builds trust and confidence. You will have the numbers and emails of the technician, manager and the main office numbers and contacts in your folder so will always have a direct link to the people who can provide the help you need.

No hidden charges 

Waste transfer notes and duty of care certificates are included in our pricing